Financial Industry Solutions

Order Management Solutions

Bocco Order Management System (BOMS) provides fund houses the ability to handle, execute and manage orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner. It offers a variety of order types while keeping the flexibility of manual order inputs via email or voice. Global standard FIX gateway is used to connect with trading counterparties.

The Bocco OMS has built-in portfolio management database for investment risk control, position management and investment report generation. It also remains an open architecture to integrate with client’s existing portfolio or investment management systems.

System Integration Solutions

More and more financial industry players deploy multiple systems, such as market data platforms, portfolio-management system (PMS), order-management system (OMS) and back office solutions, to cover different markets and business needs. As a result, the integration of different systems is the key to ensure seamless and operation risk-free workflow. Bocco offers customizable integration solutions to ensure consistent and reliable communication through client’s multiple systems.

Low Latency Trading Solutions

With increasing need of faster and more stable connection to financial markets, Financial Information Exchange (FIX) protocol is gaining popularity to ensure the accurate delivery of trading instructions. Bocco provides FIX network connectivity solutions to financial industry clients for their in-house and third-party systems.